Camping with playground

For children we have set up a superb playground.
On 700 square meters, facing the pond and the sea, on the most beautiful location of Camping Bleu Marine and not in a ’corner’ as often, this playground is definitely like no other.

Playful, cheerful, landscaped and also, friendly, it is in perfect harmony with the place. Because here are children and teenagers, but not only. It’s a meeting point, a meeting point for all the camping.

Ideally located next to the swimming pool, the grocery store, the terrace bar restaurant and bowling alley, 3 meters from the beach, parents, children or friends, are never far from each other and can easily find each other or watch yourself.

une pére et sa fille dans la plaine de jeux

The details of our plain games

It is also the ideal place to enjoy the beautiful sunrise, but it is above all an activity space for all tastes, from the smallest to the biggest, first steps or intrepid. Very high-end games (Husson internationnal) solid, secure and aesthetic that do not affect the beauty of the landscape.

Swings, turnstile, pick up Indiana Jones, Caméléo (large multi activity structure including 3 slides, fire bars, footbridge, etc.), Vertigo (set of elements to climb for the older ones), but also a table and his stools for the dinette and a hopscotch to reach the sky with foot bell.

All this in the tranquility thanks to the flexible floor that guarantees hygiene and safety.

Forget the time that passes

Forget the time passing, you’re on vacation in Herault, under the Mediterranean sun and nothing should take you away from this moment of well-deserved relaxation.

It’s "l’esprit Bleu Marine".


The play area offers all the guarantees of current safety standards, however, children must be supervised by their parents who are solely responsible for them.

Animals, bicycles, rollers and cigarettes are prohibited.

Access is not allowed at night.


plaine de jeux et l'étang de la Maïre plaine de jeux et ciel bleu jeunes gens s'amusant dans la plaine de jeux plaine de jeux et palmiers arc en ciel au dessus de la plaine de jeux plaine de jeux et plage aire de jeux et la mer jeux d'enfants et palmier plaine de jeux la nuit